What I learned on my holidays

This time last year I quit my job.  Although I didn’t want to leave, I felt I had little alternative.  It was a big blow.

laying on beach with bookMy response to anything when things go wrong is to try to understand and to learn, to put myself in a better position for it not to happen again.  To that end I have immersed myself in MOOCs, articles, podcasts and resources on Leadership, Management, Psychology and HR issues such as employee engagement and wellbeing.  I was reassured to find that my values and views of what good management and leadership look like, and what a happy, productive organisation was all about, were there in the materials – all the leadership coaches, organisational experts and HR professionals were telling me I was on the right track.  (Confirmation bias, perhaps, but reassuring all the same.)

I’ve also been keeping my eyes open and tried to reflect on the organisational behaviour I’ve observed.

I’m about to retake a couple of MOOCs on Management and Leadership, and to that end I’m going to put down some thoughts as I go, as a way of collecting my ideas together.  There’s probably nothing new here that hasn’t already been said by people with more knowledge and experience than me, but it’s good to be part of the discussion.

There will, necessarily, be negativity – you tend to remember the negatives more than the positives.   But I do have some good examples too, and particularly more recently in my latest role.

And there may be the odd digression on the way.

So here goes….


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